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Rugg Valley is a quiet, south facing valley on the boundary between South Londonderry and Winhall. It owes its name to the Rugg family who settled in South Londonderry in the early 1800s. The Ruggs carved out a homestead where they lived for three generations. Sometime shortly after the turn of the twentieth century, when Vermont was going through a severe economic depression, the Ruggs left Vermont and headed south and west. Their farm was used as pastureland, which maintained its openness, until Kathleen and Myron Wright bought it in the early fifties. By then only one barn remained standing, but maples, apples, lilacs and roses still flourished. The sketch above is believed to be of the house found in a sketchbook from a Rugg descendant.

After many years of dreaming and planning, Mark Wright and his wife Sunny started building their homestead in 1974. The creation of Rugg Valley Landscaping followed closely behind. The valley has provided a deep sense of place and a lifetime of work for Sunny and Mark and their four children.

The property was always known as the Rugg Lot around town, and with so much history surrounding it in cleared fields, stone walls, a cemetery and old trees it seemed only fitting that the Rugg name be honored. We hope that our efforts reflect the same values and strength of character that the Ruggs had in settling this valley.

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