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We are always interested in talking to candidates looking for work. We are a small company that performs many functions, so working as a team is essential to our success. We build on the strengths of the individuals that work for us.

A good work environment is basic to Rugg Valley. We want people to want come to work. This is not a job you can last at if you are just looking for a paycheck. Every day our jobs are unique, and you work with different people all the time. Being able to get along well with both your fellow employees and our clients is imperative.

Positions we would like to fill for the 2023 season are:


Maintenance Crew: In continuing to provide better service in the upcoming year we would like to add new members to our gardening crew. Experience is helpful but a willingness to work hard and learn is crucial. The position is seasonal from early April until late November.

Construction Crew: This year is starting out to be a busy one and we would like to fill open positions on this crew. This position is also seasonal from April until late November. Good physical ability, forward thinking, and excellent attitude make for a lasting fit.

Strengths That We Look For In All Our Employees:
Good work ethics
Team players
Good communication skills – including listening
Interest in learning and imagination
Detail oriented
Organizational skills
Interest in the many aspects of the field- mowing, construction, gardening

If you have some of these traits and would like to learn more, please give call us at 802-824-6402 or email us at or use our Contact Page.

Many people who have left for various reasons, come back to say that working at Rugg Valley was the best work experience of their lives.

Come give us a try !

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